Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 3"


What a time to end the movie,i was just getting into it!Anyway that was one of the best movies i've ever seen on newgrounds!I can't wait for the next one!GOOD LUCK!

still awsome,

but the soundtrack! argh, it was like my ears were being raped! i am glad the music is over. hurry and make more! please i am gettin reastless. oh yer, one critical thing
i read pretty rast, but sometimes i couldnt keep up with the pace the txt is going at, so u may wanna look into that, make it so the txt only moves on when u click it or sumthing. i dunno. chances are u wont even read this, so my critical comments go to waste. ah such is life. ah well
peace out, and keep em comin man!

Good shit

First, I must say, what a good series you got goin on. Second, this is going to be a long series, isn't it? Third, where's the friggin jukebox? Fourth, I'm one trophy away from free air, damn.

Heran-Bago responds:

First, thanks. Second, I'm not sure myself. Third, eh, I got lazy. Fourth, no free air untill you get all of them!


for the song whenever u got a trophy, that's 'dub i dub' from DDR, right? i might be a little off, but oh well, and did u just speed up the song? either way, good job, keep making more.


Just one question. What song was that playing whenever you found a trophy?