Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 3"


Dude, In the bar, when Sonic yelled at the Asian Freak, a cow was on the table! Holy crap! That was funny!


omg just now, I randomly clicked ona space on the vid, and I got the 15 and 16th easter eggs XDDD

btw your flash is great.

another great episode

graphics: ahhh you messed up w/ the link/shiek walking sprites!!!! other than that it was great use of sprites

style: gotta love those sprites

sound: you used the beastee boys!!!??!?!?! -3 points

violence: meh knuckle's vs mario wasnt that great of a fight

interactivity: trophyes/easter eggs....yup

humor: i love how mighty orders soulstorm brew at the bar(i love the oddworld games!!) and when sonic shows and tells the story, i like the part about the red chocobos eating rotting flesh lol

i love it

it is a good movie


Great flash once again alot better than the last one!!!!!!!!!! And another great example on how flash is supposed to be!!!!!!!!!! Well anyways great flash......