Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 3"


that has got to be one of the best movies on newgrounds ever.

This is awesom cant wait for 4th one to come out

Good movie any one who liked knuckles will like this

Who is the racked chick and what game is she from?

Tell me i love this movie i want to know who she is and what game she is from. Please tell me! PLEEEEEEEEEEEASE!!!

Wow... That was strange.

Well, the main movie was great! And the easter eggs made me want to rip off my ears! THAT WAS HILARRIOUS!!!

another flash animation preaches, to be continued

"Kondo Koso Kachimasu. Shiku Komarimasu Ga Jouzu Desu Ne. Baka" Means (loosly translated) I won now with stealth. you are good at embarrasing yourself. fool.
Nothing to do with getting out a stick, but it's still putting the same point across.

and... well, Actually I only commented to point that out, but while I'm here I must say, this series is comming along rather nicely. and I kinda feel sorry for the talking guy with the Sh*t on his head.