Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 3"


but what the hell was the first easter egg...it was fuckin hilarious but WHAT THE HELL!?
anyway, good job, and keep em comin...


This is one of the funniest and interactive movies i have seen on Newgrounds.
Keep it up!
Me need find all trophys before head explody.

P.S: when you get a trophy, what is that music that plays speeded up? It sounds really familiar...

Nothing special...

Nothing too special here. I did like the sprites though. They kicked ass.

OMG! I've never seen something like this!

Maybe I need to go to newgrounds more, but this was Freakin' awesome. The knuckles and Mario Fight. The party with Link. I loved who ever that sonic dude was that got drunk. And the part with the trees and amy in the cage! It was all so cool! You got all the sounds. I recognized the all the tunes (except for the last one). The FFVIII song, the zelda song, the sonic song at the beginning They all sounded excellent! I couldn't do that if my life depended on it! You rock dude! I'm watching all your movies from now on! A few questions, though. My window for the move is squished in too much so I can't see some of what's being said in the movie sequences. And what's that music in the tree section with amy and the racked girl in a cage? I love it! Is it from a sonic game?

I just couldn't find 25#

great movie. Too Masterbaiter: if you want to find out click on trophy number 3#. Click on the part where knuckles says 'I don't think so'.