Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 3"

Nice one :-)

Dude.. These are AWESOME lol.. It just comes short of LQFA though.. Better graphics ya know.. I wonder where you got them all.. I didn't know they had a Link like that.. And Isn't that InuYasha at the end who's looking for Shampoo.. lol It looks a lot like him and then shadow dude looks like someone from Yuyu Hackashow or however it's spelled

*rips hair out* ARG! that insanic song!

*eyes start to blees*
THE SONG! THE SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
dum dum dummy dumy dum dum dummy du dummy dummy dum AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGG!

that was cool! lets do it again!
*dropps dead*
I only gave violance a 10 because my eyes started to bleed =]

Great Movie...one question....

First off I would like to say this flash movie is absolutly impressive, you truly have a talent for creating wonderful storys and puting them into amazing flash cartoons. I hope you continue submiting great pieces of work so everyone can see what great toons really are. Oh, and my question is, do you know anywhere I can download that song that plays when you get the trophys? I know it's from DDR and can I download it at that smae speed it plays or did you just play it on double speed or sumtin...



btw do you play iRO?


Great!i would have given 27 for interactivity,with all those trophies and easter eggs!I actually foun them all,and the Shortcut to my PC was amusing ¬_¬