Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 3"

Alot better than super rapi bruthas

Pleeeeaaaaaase make the sequal fastly. fastly i say. FFFFFFFAAAAAASSSSSSSTTLLLLLLYYYYYYY. AND THIS time i wont let my dark aura get the best of me. oh.. shit .. its.. happening. I HATE THE VERY LAST SONG THAT GAME SUCKS. OW... bad aura bad. sorry, good movie

great work, but I can't wait

for the next one

hot damn that sudden to be continued was so..... sudden!

damn I hope you're in the process of making the 4th right now, I can't wait

Where the hell did you get those Zelda characters?

Awesome but... where the hell did you get those Zelda characters?


it was great...

but that too be contiuned makes me mad lol Sorta like the "to be contiuned" in soul reaver. So now i too patently await KA4.


best movie ever you just went on my faveret flashs