Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 3"


It's still your own style and you aren't copying anyone. Excellent. You just need to check your spelling and put in more sounds.

fukn shweet

love it. this is maybe my 3rd time goin thru tha series..i dont even look for new things,this just cracks me up every time. also,before your dx i had no idea wtf you do to find trophies


I like your series so far and i'm glad ya put sonic in it GIVE HIM A BETTER PART


Maybe it's hidden in one of the easter eggs (I never have the skils to find those damn things) but there wasn't any jukebox :(. Still very good though


nice trophies and stuff,nice famous combinations,but somehow i have a feeling you just made the trophies for higher points for the interactivity.but still cool!