Reviews for "Knuckles Adventure 3"

When K knocked M it sounded like he stabbed him!

I have been looking at the earlier rewiew on this movie and i agree whit you dark_emereld it should be more stuff like Zelda and Paper M.The movie was good anyway.

Yay Inuyasha came!

er.... it was good, it had my fav charaters, too bad yuyu haksuho took all the 'girls' but Kagome wasn't included. I hate her.

If you want more peeps to come add: Paper mario(do some funny screen wit him) and zelda to blast someone *lol*


Hey, the loading music is from super mario sunshine...
That shit's copywrited... anyway...... it;s gay, even from that game, it's gay. It's worse than elevator music...

that was cool

This movie was short but very cool by the way I donno wat (what)
is that place ok by the way this movie was great i'm rateing this a 5

Great job!

Great job Jacob Gauthier!Hope you make more.And make more of this series theire great.Long live Knuckles adventure!:D