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Reviews for "I Am Insane (yes sir)"

idk its a bit repetitive,

overall its alright.

Dj-Fanta5t1c responds:

bUt EiTs AcId DoOd!!!!!!!!!!1111111!1!1!!oneoneoeno enSHIFT!!!

Rox a bit

i seems im the first visitor... :P (But who cares)
So... the song was good but it was kinda wierd to listen to, but it got my vote and download count!

nice beat but not industrial

The riffs are somewhat simple but the drums are pretty good but this isn't industrial it's techno somewhat. Next time try using more synths and more complex instruments. It's a good start but work on it.

Dj-Fanta5t1c responds:

i would use distortion static, but i dont know howz =(

better as a loop

It starts a little rough, then the transition/break at around :11 seconds sounds like a CD skipping. There not really a lot of different sounds on this track which leaves me with the feeling that it didn't have a lot of time put into it. I did like the build up in your track around 1:20, but overall the sounds your used in this track were not very interesting to me.

Overall, I think it would do be better as a loop than a 141 second "song".