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Reviews for "I Am Insane (yes sir)"


This is "Über-good" ^^

IT is Mega, ultra, giga, ....a you get my point, don't you?

Dj-Fanta5t1c responds:

of course man, thank you

Pelo says...

~Isn't fully repetitive.
~Awesome instruments.

~Awkward start.
~A little louder than speaker limits.

What a badass theme to have! The hard work has definitely paid off! Kudos!


Dj-Fanta5t1c responds:

lol thank you for a more usful than usual review!


downloaded, putting this on my car CD
5 for you!
thanks for the driving music

Dj-Fanta5t1c responds:

yes BLAST this everywehre!!! thank you!

kicks ass

nuff said bro this song is great

Dj-Fanta5t1c responds:

sweet thank you!


fucking love this shit i could totally fuck or rave to this insane shit badass as hell man keep up the great insanity

Dj-Fanta5t1c responds:

lol thank you i will!