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Reviews for "I Am Insane (yes sir)"


Good song for action sequences. Keep it up.

Has potential.

This song could be a bit better, if there was less distortion on the bass beats and the synth afterwards, distortion ruins the feel of the song and can ruin your buildup.

I suggest cleaning it up a bit and reuploading.

10/10 for the song though, minus the distortion


dude, I feel like your music really speaks to me. I don't know why. I just love it.

YEEEAAAH! One hundred's review! *breaks out champaigne*

better as a loop

It starts a little rough, then the transition/break at around :11 seconds sounds like a CD skipping. There not really a lot of different sounds on this track which leaves me with the feeling that it didn't have a lot of time put into it. I did like the build up in your track around 1:20, but overall the sounds your used in this track were not very interesting to me.

Overall, I think it would do be better as a loop than a 141 second "song".


is deff one of my favorite
audio tracks on newgrounds!
very catchy

amazing work!!