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Reviews for "I Am Insane (yes sir)"

Indeed you are...

Insanely good at making music that is. You really have this down pat, and it jumps all over the place, like a squirrel on meth. I love it. Bravo to you sir. Bravo.


Dude, Sweet song. Saying anything else would be pointless...

*Jaw is dropping due to insanly awesome Techno*

This is the coolest song ever. I have nothing else to say.


I love this track man i need to download it and burn it onto a cd to jam to while i drive man its so INTENSE! so if this is possible send me a private message account names NexusOne lol get back to me!


This is honestly the ONLY high-quality song I've heard all night.

Definitely better than the overrated whore, ParagonX9.

I think the intro was the best part of it. When you tried to mix it up, you ruined it a little.