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Reviews for "The Most Dangerous Game"

very funny movie!

that is a very funny movie, but you should have made the voice of kree masterlord thingy a lot easier to understand. And when you save Nana and she turns into 'the one' is the music from MIB 2?


that was tight. good job and keep it up i liked it! Where am I?


it wuldve been way better if i culd understand wut the hell theyre saying!!!!!!


Quite an amusing interactive movie. Both endings where very well done, the audio was good. But,I want to see supremor and stephen duke it out!

Brutal, absolutly brutal(heh heh, go brutality)

This is pretty brutal and I love brutality(it's so funny).Good thing to put two endings, you either save her or watch her demise. MWAAAA HAAA HAAA HAAA HAAA HAAA!!!!!! I'd like to see more Deep Fried too.