Reviews for "Hairy Bullet Asteroids"

retro games neva go

kool game
were the scripts hard for this,or pretty easy??

keep em comin,great job

Ryaareet2000 responds:

Actually the script was one of the easiest I have ever written. If you want it get in touch.

I loved that game.

I remember that game on my atari when I was a kid...In fact I play it now on my playstation...Thanks for reminding me about it...:)

n ice

u think u could make it were when u hit the space bar u could make it shoot till u lift ur hand off of the space bar

Asteroids! exactly as I remember it

well done, even if classic Asteroids is outdated this was an excellent rendition!

not bad

I myself know the tedious work needed in programming something like this. If I could vote on programming you would get a 10 for it! If I were to be critical the graphics wen't that hot so I couldnt give you an overall 10 but good job anyway!!