Reviews for "Hairy Bullet Asteroids"


Not bad, I guess, but it gets old in a hurry. Thrusters handle nicely, but I think a slightly faster firing rate would be more fun. Very retro, which I'm sure is what you're going for, but I almost feel like the graphics could use a little tweaking. You can easily get away with it on Pong ('cuz honestly, whatta ya gonna do with Pong graphics?), but when spaceships are involved, it's nice to have a little more to look at. My own personal preference, of course.


i loved it

did it take you 3 days to do this right

Ryaareet2000 responds:

Actually it only took me an hour!

not bad

I myself know the tedious work needed in programming something like this. If I could vote on programming you would get a 10 for it! If I were to be critical the graphics wen't that hot so I couldnt give you an overall 10 but good job anyway!!

Solid conversion

A faithful conversion of an arcade classic.

Very nostalgic

It's just like the old '80s Arcade game.