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Reviews for "Ninja Air-Fortress"


naruto? sky emperor etc etc?

nvm that.. though i don't understand much, i still like this.. except for the far left part the water/falls? and the shadow on the far right.. other than that its great!..

Hmm :)

Looks a bit, well sketchy (mostly on the ship), compared to many of your other works. I'm not getting the same sense of depth. Still looks stunning though, of course.

i noticed something

The fortrees looks alot like a person lying on thier side holding thier head up with the arm :p lol but great piture liked the colours and the bloom effect you did with the moon :D

Kamikaye responds:

thx :) I LOVE to read peoples impressions and interpretations on my pieces. I see it now too , kinda made that without knowing ;)

Love it.

Ninjas on the ground are one thing; flying ninjas are a whole new animal. The sketchy style has great character to it and I love the lights, though I find the moon flare a bit distracting.

It's too busy.

Granted the coloring and shading make this piece really beautiful. And I love the imagery, but it also makes it a bit hard to tell where the air fortress begins and ends near the tail end of the ship.