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Reviews for "Ninja Air-Fortress"

Nog nog nogganagga nog nog!

That's pretty damn cool, but I'm not seeing any stealth. Would be even cooler if half of it was cloaking (becoming invisible). Still though pretty damn cool.

Kamikaye responds:

thx :) Well it flies in the night and is sorrounded by ninjas. So no one who sees it survives. That must be enough stealth :)

ninja report

nice man. I actually read about this when I did my research for the ninja report... :) Huh...anybody know what I'm talking about.

no seriously man..great art

Kamikaye responds:

ninja research ? Where are you working :D Sounds cool

llove the lighting

great piece of art. keep up the awsome!


Really nice work. But I couldn't help noticing that the fortress is shaped like pirate ship. Subliminal message, perhaps?

i noticed something

The fortrees looks alot like a person lying on thier side holding thier head up with the arm :p lol but great piture liked the colours and the bloom effect you did with the moon :D

Kamikaye responds:

thx :) I LOVE to read peoples impressions and interpretations on my pieces. I see it now too , kinda made that without knowing ;)