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Reviews for "Ninja Air-Fortress"


you are good at what you do my friend

Kamikaye responds:

thx :)

Ninja Attack!

Yay! Killer artwork! respect! Awesome colour scheme and great use of lights and shadows! You did this in 8 hours?...man...you are some fast working dude!

10/10 stars to shine upon the Ninja Air-Fortress!

Kamikaye responds:

Thx :)
When I really want to finish something it goes very fast ;)

As Always

You easily show that you are one of the best artist on here, and personally, my favorite. Gosh your stuff is soo great man and the lightin in this looks really intense. Paintin in PS is hard as shit, ive tried, i dont know how you do it, but right now i really dont care. YOU KICK A$$

totally badass

look at those details and colors

Its really nice that the perspective is from the ground .....the concept seems,nice and especially explains why and how ninjas stay so secretive :)
and no i have not missed the cool ninja sitting on the rock for a bit of quiet.
all my five shurikens!! Take 'em!! :p

Kamikaye responds:

Haha thanks a lot for the comment :)