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Reviews for "Stairway to Heaven - Piano Ver"


been listening to this again and again at every available opportunity, i would say this is about as good as the original! which is saying alot

biutull shtuff man i love it so much

no coolkid10....if that is your real name...he does have for hands...hes the best piano player ever....jk but serio i love this song and i love the origonal better....i may downlaod this...omg the drums just kicked in wile i am tipeing.....this is like 4 times as beter as it was a minit ago...this is realy great and i love the drums to man great this as marvolis....faved


I play piano (not very well though) and i think I might get this good some day, off in the future, somewhere out there. The original by Led Zeppelin is my favorite song, I have no idea why either, maybe the strange lyrics, such as "If there's a bustle in your hedgerow, don't be alarmed now. It's just a spring-clean for the May Queen." I like songs with weird lyrics. But this is so good I might as well call you "John Paul Jones" (the keyboardist and bassist of Led Zeppelin). You did the whole song too, something you don't always see.

That's i'm talking about

That's i'm talking about


sod the knobs who diss you for using other technology, i'd like to see them try and make such a damn good song by themselves.

good on yer sonny boy, 10/10