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Reviews for "Shoot The Geezers 2"

kinda pointless

At first I thought it was gonna be interesting, but it ended up not really being any fun at all. They move extremely quickly, which is kinda ironic due to their age, plus eventually they all start coming at once an it's impossible to shoot them properly. Plus when I shot one of them he got stuck there. The graphics were decent, but everything else failed in this one.

Oh is that it? Disapointing, a very crap game

Yet another click on people they die game that presents no challenge whatsoever, that really does sum it all up, it was awful truly awful, you could have at least drawn a hand holding the gun rather than just having it magically float.

give an honest review-not a conformed POS

I think it was really "that bad" but i can't say i hated to shoot an old person.... :D needs a surprise visitor from a random thing, maybe professor oak or something. sry but noone can resist a pokemon shoot 'em up

Decent, but no where near great

I dunno, i hope this is one of ur first few submissions, if it isnt i'd stop if i were you. Work on graphics, and interactivity.


Ok well that was a decent little flash, nice art and the music was funny, slow them down cause i cant hit them heh just kidding it was all good stuff, great work, loved it...