Reviews for "Zelda WW - Protect Your Island"

One of the best Ive heard!!

And this is how it goes:
Originality:8-Zelda but Windwaker.
Clarity:10-Just gets better and better.
Diversity:10-I have never heard anything close to this.
Effort:10-Had to take a month or two......for the first few seconds of the song.
Overall:10-You find me something better than this work of art.Brilliant!10/10 5/5.
Dont stop!

this is not zelda

This is a great Song really but...it is not a zelda remix at all : Its a BraveHeart Remix. I Have a remix by DJ Hixxy And sry but its better than this.( I Love this one cuz i love the song braveheart)


that's great that music

Sweet song

Dude how do you keep on making theses good songs. Every song I listened to I liked it! Amazing job once again!



The start didnt really fit into the second part. good anyway