Reviews for "Zelda WW - Protect Your Island"

Super Dupper hero song

Nice song for the world in need of a hero.


I never hear many remixes of this song, and the ones I do hear normally aren't very good.

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I swear i Heard this somewhere b4 but still AWASOME!!!!!!!!

ANOTHER good 1!!!!!

lol too bad zelda:majora's mask dosen't have this song in it! 10/10 5/5 also c'mon other ppl r giving low marks and saying u can do better? when they haven't even made a song yet! I have but right now i am currantly haveing problems with it but 1 of my friends says it sounds like 007 anyaway off topic there. Just all i can say is NICE work as usaual i got all of these songs downloaded


This is a very original and well done remix of this song. Dragon Roost Island is my favorite WW song so you have my praise. Keep up the good work this was awesome.