Reviews for "Zelda WW - Protect Your Island"


My favorite song from WW just got even better! XD

Nice, awesome work

Keep them coming ParagornX9



Im mainly a Hip-Hop fan, but this is RIDICULOUS!!!!!!!! Shit, I gotta get on my grind...
P.S.: This has a feeling of protecting your home... The traditional begining, with the chorus and trumpets, reminding you of your home and (it makes me tear up...)what happens if it was harmed or destroyed... Then a BURST of energy comes FLARIN out and you just are determined to protect anything/anyone who you hold close, and you just can't fail, you can't. No. You WON'T. You WON'T FAIL AT ANY COST!!!! THIS IS MY HOME!!!! MY LOVE MY PRIDE!!! AND I WILL PROTECT THIS WITH MY LIFE!!! MY SOUL!!!
sorry.. kinda overdramatic...


That was hawt...love it Kepp your wonderful work going I mean didn't expect that techno twist at all...Oh and you look nice too :)

What was awesome...


Nice work, 5/5 10/10. Really beautiful, and still... reminds me of braveheart. lol. But what can you do? Keep making amazing music that what! XD Hats off to one of my favorite composers on Newgrounds!