Reviews for "Zelda WW - Protect Your Island"

turns heads....

started to get bored of it but when it started to get fast techno i was all like holy sh** so fucking awsome!! lmao hahaha! X3 awsome!


W ZELDA!!!!!10 STARS!!


Dude, this made my day so bad, it hurts. I actually didn't quite enjoy WW, but boy, I'll tell you what... This is makin' me wanna break out my GCN right now. Good job on this remix, it's excellent. I love how the chorus is in there, and unlike other v.g. remixes, you can still hear the song in there. Perfect job, 5/5.


i founded first this music from youtube vid that is the ww tribute and i heard this so

when i asked how i found this he said go to newgrounds and search protect your island and creator paragonX9

this is good song btw

Goo Zelda! ;D

Really cool zelda remix! :D Love your songs <3333


- Lee