Reviews for "Zelda WW - Protect Your Island"

So I was playing Breath of the wild recently since I got a switch for christmas and when I got to the Rito village I was just like ".... Okay, I *KNOW* I have heard this tune somewhere before!"
I realised that if this was a melody ever used in Zelda, there was a chance someone remixed it and I heard it on Newgroudns when I was a kid and never realised what it was from.

And now I've found it XD

I love this track so much! Everything about it is awesome

Zelda WW - Protect Your Island is soothing at the start ,and then goes to techno. A great beat throughout the entire track. Zelda songs are always great no matter how you remix them.

This is the full version just epic

I like this

I tend to like more slow themes but some of your fast tracks like this one do bring some interesting vibes about, but only you know how to present it in the right way so nice effort as always.

Adding some slow themes would be great.