Reviews for "Death Grind Splatter Piss Shit"


It's got so many elements from bands! I hear some Slayer, I hear some JFAC, I hear some Cannibal Corpse. The drums sound awesome! The guitar tone's are sexy as!
It's just sexy.

I slow danced to this with my midget girlfriend

this definatley would kick ass with the right vocals
but all together still a brutal kick in the balls

the ending was a grind...how fucking low was that guitar tuned?

...and becareful with that shit eating if you have an allergy to penuts


This is some fucking great work!
Why aren't you on a label and if you are on a label, why haven't i seen your cd's!?

i love u this is my fave song

me and my friend listen to it all day long that would be if i had friendas anyway I listen to it all day long

GoreBastard responds:

Hey, cheers!!!
There's more on the way now that I'm finally getting a computer that can stand the heavy metaaaaaallll!!!


Nice, i love the technicality especially the pedals. I'm kinda a drum person what do you expect! Hahahah, i love the singles to quadruples sweep shift. It's really fucking brutal man! Keep it up!

GoreBastard responds:

Thanks pal!!