Reviews for "Death Grind Splatter Piss Shit"

*dies from brutalness*

*brans on the wall behind me*

Dude...this blows my mind.

I don't understand how you come up with your shit, but it's fucking incredible.
I've never attempted vocals on something like this; I'd love to try, though.
Metal forever!


Any updates on th album? Great sonng anyhoo, get some new ones up.

This reminds me of Troops of Doom in parts.

FRASH!!!!!!!!!! (if you dont spell propperly your automatically cool).

GoreBastard responds:

Cheeeers duder!
Well, I'm in the middle of getting a second band sorted with a mate who plays bass. Ant said he'd do the drumming for us so now I just need a vocalist, if I don't decide to do it myself that is. So the GoreBastard album may be a while if I start writing songs for this band. It's gonna be heavvvvy!
I totally ripped off old Napalm Death in this song, who ripped off Sep, so I can hear that troops of doom influence in there too! haha


holy shit

you are a god among metal. I can't not come near any thing close to this amazing! JEEEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZE. You're my new favorite artist on newgrounds

GoreBastard responds:

Wow! Thanks pal!
There will be more on the way soon hopefully!

I slow danced to this with my midget girlfriend

this definatley would kick ass with the right vocals
but all together still a brutal kick in the balls

the ending was a grind...how fucking low was that guitar tuned?

...and becareful with that shit eating if you have an allergy to penuts