Reviews for "Death Grind Splatter Piss Shit"

sweet suffering

great song

fuckin death metal brutality

id like nto hear some bass on it

ha my neck got a good thrashing off this one.

fuck yes. i was head bangin soooooooooo fucking hard hahahahahahahaha i love it man keep on ripping tearing gringing and smashing!


It's got so many elements from bands! I hear some Slayer, I hear some JFAC, I hear some Cannibal Corpse. The drums sound awesome! The guitar tone's are sexy as!
It's just sexy.

awesome midget fucking holiness

For real, form a real band that does this shit, my friend. You could be the next Job for a Cowboy...

BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOMB BOOM doodlvvvvvvvv.v......v.v.v.v.v.v.

Jesus Fucking Christ...

You should be fucking hired for Cannibal Corpse or Dying Fetus as a producer.