Reviews for "+*. TalesOfSymphonia-Lloyd .*+"

Nothing Phenomenal, But AWESOME!!!!

I loved it! It was interesting. And I liked the Sytrus presets/sounds you used. I can hear the Wood Bass distinctly. There is one spot that is a bit....dissonant. Which is around the second half. The sound is having some issues with the other sounds. Also the song peaks too much so it causes unwanted distortion. Remember, it's ok if people have to turn up their speakers a bit. So...yeah. I'd suggest remixing this by fixing the things I mentioned. If you did that, then this would be.....wow....beyond words. I like it anyhow.
Keep it up!


Yays! Lloyd! The (in my opinoin)best character in the whle game! :D

kick ass

"Yays! Lloyd! The (in my opinoin)best character in the whle game! :D"

obsession much? this is a lot better than the last one we both HAPPENED to listen to o.o

Psssh, hellz yeah Lloyd's the best character.

It's true. He just gets in the fight and is like 'IT NEEDS MOAR DEMON FANG'

aw hell yeah!
Tales of symphonia is the best game out for the game cube