Reviews for "-The Monster-"

Just me again

I've been going from one of you're claymations to the next, just watching and rating each of them...I'm going on a rampage, stop me before its too late!...anywho, I think you've got some huge talent, you could make a living out of this if you wanted to, that is, if anyone needs a claymator (If that's not a word, I'm coining it right now! =) ) as of this moment, but I think maybe you could make you're own buissness or something online if you really wanted to, well, great job on the animations, I'll look forward to more after I greedily watch all of the ones you've already made within the course of two days, =P lol

toxicbomb responds:

Hahaha So far I think you are the coolest reviewer! Man, to have a company.... that would be cool. Maybe actually. I mean, i have a chance, im already making clay movies and im 16 so... yeah that would be great. Haha thanks for reviewing this! I hope to see more reviews from you! later Nameless for whome I should now call 88! (if I remember)

Hey man...

Is that a pet monster you got there? Woah, how did you amke those things move? They must be living creatures. Oh my god.

toxicbomb responds:

Haha, well... when i actually moved him, he stayed together with wires. :-)


That was an excellent clay movie!!! One of the best... Well the point of this review wasn't the movie, but I have a question... do you play StarCraft? Cause I played with someone with your nic "ToxicBomb." Anywayz... Good movie!!

toxicbomb responds:

Hahaha really? Well, I don't play starcraft. Thanks for your interesting review!

Ah joyfulness

Pretty dang good...love the claymation...Nice joke at the end too. Overall a good flash. "I got the monster!"

toxicbomb responds:

Haha yeah, my favorite part! :-D

Good job

I love claymation. I don't think you can make a crappy claymation. Great job using an ac adaptor jack as a gun, hehe.

toxicbomb responds:

Haha yeah, they do look like guns dont they! :-)