Reviews for "-The Monster-"


man, thats the SHIT! keep it up. i luv clay!

toxicbomb responds:

WOO! I hope I can make more movies. If I do, you have to watch them ;)


uh its okay.

toxicbomb responds:

lol thanks.


...but could`nt you make it longer?

toxicbomb responds:

Yea, I could have. But I dont like to work on a project too long because I get bored fast lol


that was great really great i can tell you put hard work into it! but i have a question do you no where i can figure out how to make claymation i have an idea but i want to no more. at first you told me to go to your site but it did not work it was a dead link. anyways great work ur the best

toxicbomb responds:

Its really hard to explain to everyone how to make a clay animation. I would suggest going to google.com and searching for it. Thanks for your review and the 10!!! :)

very smooth

i liked it! make more!

P.S. you make knox look like a panzie....whatever that means

toxicbomb responds:

the only thing I would make Knox, would be a cheese sandwhich :)