Reviews for "-The Monster-"


i loved it especially the monster. it looked a bit like the enemy's in oddworld munch's odysee. very cool


I only recently joined newground and i watched -knox- and i heard about you and i searched and i watched this movie.. and its great.. lol brilltiant it was smooth, funny :P evrything a claymation needs (p.s. loved the guys throne)

toxicbomb responds:

Thank you! I JUST submitted #2! Go watch it! :)

(thanks for the 10 !!!!!)


Nice, keep it up

toxicbomb responds:

I shall!


Yeah You Should Make A claymation Studio

Your Like -knox- And He -rox-

toxicbomb responds:

yay! I have a studio now! Its awesome! YOu will see more movies from me, so watch for them Ed!

I agree

You could make your own claymation studio! I would donate all my money to it and fill out a aplication! lol

toxicbomb responds:

lol that would be uhh... weird. You can send me money though ;) haha thanks for the 10!!!