Reviews for "-The Monster-"

Good work

Funny, I liked it when the monster ripped off that guys head and ate it.

What can I say?

Well, the lip-synched speech was alright, better than with my claymations, but the guy's lips were moving even when he wasn't talking. The walking isn't what I expected from someone with the skill to get so many claymations on newgrounds, it's just gliding. Maybe it's supposed to look like a shuffling walk, since they have short legs, but they just glide over the ground. Music was good, voices were good, quality was good, but you made a mistake or two with the animation. Lastly, you should make a longer claymation and compress it better. Good job.

Hey i got the monster

The ending just cracked me up completely! I loved how the voices matched with the lip movement, pretty impressive. Havent seen too many people do that. I especially like the voices and the music too!

Funnier than -Knox-?

In a way, yes. A very good clay animation with damn good voice acting. The best part I like is that the characters' lips move when they talk.


Maybe i'm biased by watching all of knox's entries, but this one didn't seem up to par. There really wasn't much of a plot, and the voices seemed forced at times. Maybe if it was longer, had somewhere to go, and a bit more humor it would've gotten a higher score.