Reviews for "-The Monster-"

Very good, very clever!

Well done, i know it's difficult to do this. It must have taken you a while. Put more violence in next time.

toxicbomb responds:

HAhaha ok, i'll try


Clay movies owns!
Cred to all who takes emself's time to make em!

toxicbomb responds:

Thanks! And yeah, it's time consuming!


ha ha ha ha

toxicbomb responds:

lol thanks!

Quite good.

I like clay animations. This one too. The graphics, sound and style are quite good.

toxicbomb responds:

Thank you!!!!


all it actually is, is video editing, ok so its dun really well, and i did give it a 5,but we need to stop these clay movies, cos soon all "crap at flash" peoople will start to do em, and they will do them even worse than they do flash!!!

toxicbomb responds:

Sorry, I can't stop making them! It is too much fun. So, Making clay movies will inspire others to try making art? Cool! Thanks for the five too!