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Reviews for "The VG Pride"

bumping sond owns all you seen it!

how do we wright reviews?

Sounds nice, but incomplete...

It sounds like it would make up part of a Sonic-themed song to me, so I wonder if you'd make a full-lengthed song with that theme. 10/10 stars.


good song loops very well i love all tour work

good god

i want to know where you found the infamous snare from sonic...and the bass....that is definitely from Death egg....sonic and knuckles.


You have a decent mix here, it kept me interested and wanting even more, it has a certain vibe about it, but overall this was a good start to this interesting audio. And another awsome piece by one of the best creators of the audio portal, keep doing what you enjoy And now as we come to the end of this review I will say it was an interesting piece here some interest here and some not but overall it was alright.

And so I am not any expert of any music at all but there are some points you could focus on more maybe with some more effort, so here are some possible improvment tips. Maybe some things are abit Overlooked and you could add some extras here and there. Mix it up with some interesting sounds.