Reviews for "The VG Pride"

Awesome loop

Sounded really great though just a loop,i loved the beginning the most,excellent job on this. =D


Hehe, cool one. It could indeed be used in one of those old videogames. I think it would perfectly suit in an old Megaman games. It got a pretty nice beat, like almost all of your songs have (at least, the ones I´ve heard so far). Only, too bad it was a little bit short. Overall 7 out of 10.


Holy crap dude you are seriously god and my idol this PWNS extremely my god you are great. Absolutely amazing on every level known.


This is just as good as Defcon Zero!!

I want your music on the new Sonic 360 game man!!


Sega Genisis-ish-ness!

this reminds me of half the sega games I have XD
Like Phantasy Star, and Air Driver

Awsome Track :D