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Reviews for "Kingdom Hearts"

Holy.....crap...... This gives KH back it's Pride.

It's true.... the way the song's played, it can't be remixxed.... it can only be created once, and only once. This is the ultimate KH Song there is, and it seems like it must be used to express the emotion and sadness of one's heart when they lose someone beloved. This song says that. It's soulful and heartful. Thank you for doing this.

Could be used in game

I could see this being used in game like this in game...

Maleficient was ressurected again, ands he wanted revenge against Sora, so she sent her minions to destroy Destiny Islands and kill, not convert, all its residents. Kairi was able to ultimately destroy the attackers with her keyblade (she did get one) but ultimately, when Sora comes back, and sees the carnage, he finds out only Kairi and the kids Sora did play sword fights with at the first part of Kingdom Hearts survived (those kids were with Kairi when it happened, and thus took the least damage) At this point, Sora vows to destroy Maleficient, this time in a way that keeps her from being ressurected.

I miss my copy...

I was so damn close to the end too. not only that, but the song sounds emotional too.


i like the song man it brings back good memories of the game.

nice song

a nice twist on the original