Reviews for "Atomic Inc - Forever"

Really nice work!

Happy hardcore with old classic way, Decent bell sounds really nexus sounds, Synth sound is really nice; Good catchy melody. Song it self gets abit borng somehow idon know it feels its missing something. It quit empty could need extra synth or More FX, Keep itup /TN

Love it.

I don't know why people and yourself are upset with the intro, everything seems to be slotted together perfectly.



very nice beat you could easily dance to it xD


But nothing special to be perfectly honest.
Was not impressed with the intro
Was not impressed with the outro
Was not impressed with the repetitiveness of the melody.

From 2:00-2:30 you have a very nice change of pace. I have a suggestion, build off of that section and maybe create a counter melody to play and have the original melody playing in the background rather than lead. It would be a nice change of pace while still maintaining the central theme

You have the beginnings of what could be a hit, Do more with it. You are well on your way!

i seen this on your vid and thought ad check itout

its a very catchy song hope to here more of your work mate keep it up