Reviews for "shogunate: samurai spirit"

nice game

bit short though

Great game!

Good old fashioned Quickdraw! (Actually, I don't know the original name for the game it's based on, so I made one up...) Fun to play, and it keeps track of your fastese times at the end. (My best score was 0.05! Awww yeah!)


Quite a good game, it's good for your reaction. But the end boss keeps apearing. The second match added some humor, that was good. The graphics and style were also good. Good job!


got a reall good game but it is a little slow i liked the second match that was the funny part other wise its a pretty decent game good job


Id say you have a very solid game here, but my only complaint is its too slow. the text scroll takes forever, the first stage I sat for quite awhile before i got !!!. Otherwise good job