Reviews for "Final Destination [Hafdwn Mix]"

Too bad....

...You aren't As famous as ParagonX9 XD
I listened all your songs....Way better ^^
For the love of god,Make More,MORE @___________@

Ivan-Ether responds:

why thank you :3

yes found it

ever since i played Phrozenflame ive been trying to find this song from the last battle and now ive found it

Nicely done

When I first heard this it sounded like a work of art being revealed to me. As I listen to it once again I come to this one decision. My friend in order to create something this wonderful I think God blessed you with a gift. A gift to make excellent music like this. I'd like to hear more of this elegant sound from you.

Amazing work!

This is one of the best songs I've ever heard on NG!

I am going to use it in one of my Battlefield 3 Beta videos in September :)

Hell Yeah

This is amazing 10/10!