Reviews for "Don't Turn Away Now"

Very nicely dun!

Ths iz sum uwsum beet! i luving on huw et goes! nice twunes u er using!

i liekd it too much... but ma feet dint liekd it too much, cuz it ent taping =(

takeflight responds:

Yes thank you, as for your feet, it's not to much of a foot tapper but it gets the job done :}


This song is so cool! This is what what i love to lisen to!! so cool OMG!*click* just downloaded it!!

takeflight responds:

Lol, thanks!...and i still need to check out your songs, it's been a busy week but I'll get to it. :}

If you dont mind.

Hopefully you dont mind me using it in a song im making.

takeflight responds:

(oops, never saw this review :P) Yeah sure, if its not too late.


its got a that sort of sound that makes you want to relax and just enjoy the music. a mixture of softness and roughness. i like it.

Awesome instrumental

Yo man, i'm really feelin this beat. it's got a lot of potential if you decide to put a singer with the track. anyways, I hope to hear more of your stuff!

takeflight responds:

You know, I was planning to but i was unsure how to go about it. I can sing, and i know others who can sing, but i don't know yet. We'll see :}

And I've got a bunch of stuff on its way to the production table, so keep posted!