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Reviews for "Rina-chan / Kagome's Demo Reel"

super sweet

thats funny "Haruhara Haruko" hu hu hu FLCL hu hu

Energetic, powerful, and amusing.

In my directing class, i have had the opportunity to see a very wide and amazing range of voice acting talent. I must say, you have very special talent here. More specifically, i loveeee your style during the first 8 seconds. There is definitely a need for a voice of this energy and sound in the world, trust me. Keep up the work your doing, and some advice, post this reel on youtube. Scouts constantly scour that website for people like you and voices like the one you have.


i didnt know that you can do that meny voices

.... :o

hang on let me pick my jaw up off the ground... damn thats amazing best ive heard in a long time

Simply Wow.

Was this all by you? That's a amazing talent you have.