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Reviews for "Rina-chan / Kagome's Demo Reel"

This kinda sounds sad to say...

But you are the only American I have ever herd who would actually be a decent voice actress for an anime series. Except for a very few exception list. I am amazed by you're capability to not 'try' to be a character, but BE a character. You are good at this.


the part where you said, this isnt a game for kids it reminds me of Full Metal Alcomis


I absolutely loved your Haruhi and Lucky Star(?) voices! ^_^ You're a great voice actor and totally deserve a professional job!

O wow

I want your voice.....


YOU'RE INCREDIBLE!!! I created this account just this minute just to tell u that. You'll definitely go far with ur talent. and it's bada$$ how in one segment you sound like gohan from dbz :D