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Reviews for "Rina-chan / Kagome's Demo Reel"


im a girl,and i voice act too,but this is something that would be compared from mines.BTW im using my brother's laptop right now so my voice acting file of my demo reels are probably lost forever.*sob*oh well.been following you scince brawl taunts came out here.again,YOU ARE FULL OF SO MUCH WIN!!!W00t

Nice :D

omg i would fall in love with your Voice every nice and btw this is a Awesome audio Great Job very funny :D

I admire you

As a voice actress're the best ...
While unfortunately we can only hear in English, your Spanish-speaking fans still admire the work that you put in all your encouragement ..
(We understand a little English so we understand a little what you say xD)

What would your voice to say things in Spanish? 0.0!

THIS IS ALL YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew you were good from seeing many of the flashes you have performed in, but this is spectacular!!! For the characters I knew I heard and thought I heard, that was spot on!!!


buut ookk