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Reviews for "Rina-chan / Kagome's Demo Reel"

I dig this sound off, yo

Wowzer. I like the evil sexy voice. :D you are the first female actress i have heard on this site. and now you will put all the next ones i hear to shame. in the future i will send you my work. you may ant to be part of it. :D


You are quite possibly the best voice actress I've heard on Newgrounds, and possibly PERIOD. If I were better at flash and had money, I would hire you for a series. Not even joking.


I basically just spent an hour or two watching a whole bunch of flash animations with you in it, and you're very good at this voice acting thing......Is Kagome your nickname or did you really do the voice acting for Kagome (I skip the credits like all real people do, espcially for animations, since they move at the speed of freaking light).

Awesome voice!!!

You sound a little bit like Wende Lee (or she sounds like you), actually i thought you were her when i played Wild Arms 5.


You really sound like them! But I only recognized Haruhi and Kagome... Sorry...