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Reviews for "Rina-chan / Kagome's Demo Reel"

That was awesome!

I'm speechless...

I like it alot but theres something that doesnt...

...feel right.. [Damn Character Limit!]


1st voice - It kinda suits haruhi suzumiya.. you would do great.
The Laugh - I was like.. wtf? [no offense nor disrespect in anyways] It sounds as if it was forced.
2nd voice - Wow! Am impressed that you can do boy's voice! Most voice actors can;t do that yaknow..
3rd voice - Holy hell... It was awesome.. but... err.. nothing.
4th voice - Needs more emotion. It sounds as if it were the lady was not sad nor happy. But that's just me..
5th voice - Yep! It rocks
6th voice - This too.
7th voice - Err... I dunno... I think it was a bot too exaggerated.
8th voice - Needs more shyness factor.
9th voice - It doesn;t sound like a boy. It's more like of a girl.. or maybe you did that in purpose.. Iz cool tho.
10th voice - I was like :3 when I heard it! cool!
11th voice- She's angry right? Then be angry! RAWR!!! But the whisper sounds cool tho.
12th voice - It sound too generic. Like most anime girl characters.. But yeah.. It'll do.

All in all.. Judging from my opinion and all the others' opinion, i give it 9/10.

Main Awesomeness:
It sounds as if your one of those official seiyuus from animes

Main Boo:
Some parts are just kinda... err.. exagerated? I dunno the right word for it but yeah..

Thing that balances it all:
I can't really say something about this one though.. It's too good.

Omg :D

Ive heard voice actors on tv being worse! xD

absolutely hilarius!

this is preety damn good!


Great voice acting!!!