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Reviews for "Rina-chan / Kagome's Demo Reel"


You.... have.... a .... Gorgeous Voice...

Loved it

I always loved your voice acting Rina-Chan! After hearing this, my respect for you has gone even higher, you have a very good range in voices, including males! The only one I recognized was the Naruto bit, and the FLCL one at the end, which came with it's own quirky music so it was awesome. I'm a voice actor myself, however amateurish I may be, and this is just more motivation for me to improve. Keep up the great work, and hope to hear your voice in the future.



I was blown away.
They were all different, but all amazing, and so clear.
You're incredible, please continue what you do.


I recognize some of the characters, however I think Rina would make a MUCH better Naruto. Bit of help on the other characters.

better than voice actors in tv......

most of the voice acting in tv kind of sounds like they were being read and not being lived... liked your voices... average people are said to have 7 voices... youre above average