Reviews for "Stick Figure Suicide"

Haha. Save the Pee ending for last!

This isn't a game more than it is an interactive movie. I'm not real friendly with stick figure movies mainly because sticks suck... but this one kicked ass pretty much cuz there was 12 ways of dying. You should make a new one with way more than 12.

That was Simply Amazing........

Ringfinger, I really really loved this flash movie. It was simple, but funny and to the point. I really loved the Regret Suicide! It was so funny because it was unexpected, especially when the other side of the cliff appeared. I didnt understand free fall #1, but that doesnt matter. Great work!


this is one of the most funny games i have ever played, and the graphics and animation are FUCKING SWEET!!! :D
keep up the good work!!!!

Overall A Great Funny Game =)

lol, I'm-ma gonna go watch the other movie stick penalty or w/e they call it. Keep up the sick w0rk.
Ps. Haha, the secret footage would of been wrong, but they are just sticks.

***Just To Be Nice, cause i couldn't find it either this is what you do to get the secret footage:***

1.Pick the option "Be Killed" on the death menu.
2.Finish Watching it.
3.At the end of the clip, when it goes to BACK/CREDITS screen, right-click.
4.Select PLAY.


BUT..i cant seem to find the hidden footage....
I love your stick-related movies,they have multiple choices,multiple endinghs!