Reviews for "Turning Blue"

"wait a second...."

"look at her posture"
" could she really?"
"yes she is"
" She's doing the haters gotta hate walk!"
great job :D

Kool but

I agree with PufferBluntman dosn't seem like a leg can bent that Much (that way)
10 other wise (if im wrong)
it is fuckin kool though good job.

brettamatowski responds:

Some girls are quite flexible. This girl, you'd be surprised on how flexible she is. Especially when I'm drunk painting her. Okay? Okay. :D

Muiii Sexy ... =D

sexy very well designed congratulations ... =D

Broken bones?

What's with her right leg?? 0_o

brettamatowski responds:

Absolutely nothing. ;)