Reviews for "Suffer No Guilt"

tooooo muchhhh detaillll....

eyes... popping... ARGG!!!!

awesome work! i love it when people take time and invest in their drawings.
from the grain of the wood to the cracks in the skull and the scales of the fishman, this is a great drawing!

Jakubias responds:

it is a pleasure to pop some eyes.


I agree with the comment below this looks like a great album cover... would go great with a band like Mastodon or somethin

Jakubias responds:

Been listening my share of Mastodon, I think their album Leviathan is probably one of the best concept albums ever. Has it any influence on my work, maybe.


WOW this is almost like hypnotic:D good work, rate 10/10 5/5

Jakubias responds:


Damn Nice

Really Nize I Like your style

Very ingenious!

This piece looks like a modern day Heironymous Bosch piece! I especially like the demon, with the coconut shelled drink in one hand and thrashing, smaller demon in the other. This is awesome, I'd like a print of it!

Jakubias responds:

Hah, thanks!